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  • Portable Audiokabel (1,8 m)

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    Productnr.: 116730
    Fabrikantnr.: AV10104BT1.8M
    Productinformatie "Portable Audiokabel (1,8 m)"
    Play music from your portable devices on your home or car stereo. Get the best sound quality by plugging your mobile device directly into your car stereo's aux-in jack. Also works with portable speakers and other home stereo devices.

    - Includes single 3.5mm mini-jack male connector on each end.
    - Chrome-plated connectors provide a clean connection for pure sound.
    Lengte snoer 1,8 m
    Aansluiting 1 3.5mm
    Aansluiting 2 3.5mm
    Kleur van het product Zwart
    Geslacht connector Mannelijk/Mannelijk
    Contact geleider materiaal Chroom