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  • TL-SG108E Gigabit Easy Smart Switch (8 poorten, 10/100/1000 Mbps)

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    Productnr.: 128854
    Fabrikantnr.: TL-SG108E
    Productinformatie "TL-SG108E Gigabit Easy Smart Switch (8 poorten, 10/100/1000 Mbps)"
    The TL-SG108E 8-Port Gigabit Easy Smart switch is an ideal upgrade from an unmanaged switch, designed for Small and Medium Business networks that require simple network management. Network administrators can effectively monitor traffic via Port Mirroring, Loop Prevention and Cable Diagnostics features. To optimize traffic on your business network, TL-SG108E offers both port and tag based QoS to keep latency-sensitive traffic moving smoothly and jitter-free. Additionally, port-based, tag-based and MTU VLAN can improve security and meet more network segmentation requirements. Moreover, with its innovative energy-efficient technology, the TL-SG108E can save up to 80% of power consumption, making it an eco-friendly solution for your business network.

    Simple & Effective Management
    TP-LINK’s Gigabit Easy Smart switch, TL-SG108E offers network monitoring for users to observe traffic behavior. With Port Mirroring, Loop Prevention and Cable Diagnostics features, TL-SG108E can identify and even locate connection problems on your business network. Moreover, administrators can designate the priority of the traffic based on Port Priority and 802.1P Priority, to ensure that voice and video are always clear, smooth and lag-free. Additionally, to improve security and network performance, TL-SG108E supports MTU VLAN, port-based VLAN and 802.1Q-based VLAN functions. TL-SG108E is an upgrade from the plug-and-play Unmanaged Switch, delivering great value while empowering your network and similarly delivering great value to the end user.

    Go Green with Your Ethernet
    You now have the choice to go green when upgrading to a gigabit network! This new generation of TL-SG108E 8-Port Gigabit Easy Smart Switch features the latest energy-efficient technologies that can greatly expand your network’s capacity with much less power. It automatically adjusts power consumption according to the link status and cable length to limit the carbon footprint of your network.

    Power down Idle Ports
    When a computer or network equipment is off, the corresponding port of a traditional switch will continue to consume considerable amounts of power. The TL-SG108E can automatically detect the link status of each port and reduce the power consumption of ports that are idle.

    Power Budget According to Cable Length
    Ideally, shorter cables would use less power with less power degradation over their length; this is not the case with most devices as they will use the same amount of power across the cable regardless of whether it is 10 or 50 meters in length. The TL-SG108E analyzes the length of the Ethernet cable connected and adjusts the power usage accordingly, rather than keeping the power consumption in a conventional solution.

    Ease of Use
    TL-SG108E is easy to use and manage. Auto MDI/MDI-X crossover on all ports eliminate the need for crossover cables or uplink ports. Auto-negotiation on each port senses the link speed of a network device (either 10, 100, or 1000 Mbps) and intelligently adjusts for compatibility and optimal performance. Its compact size makes it ideal for desktops with limited space while also being Rack-mountable, convenient and safe. Dynamic LED lights provide real-time work status display and basic fault diagnosis.
    Poorten & interfaces
    Aantal basis-switching RJ-45 Ethernet-poorten 8
    Type basis-switching RJ-45 Ethernet-poorten Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000)
    Gewicht en omvang
    Breedte 158 mm
    Diepte 101 mm
    Hoogte 25 mm
    Vermogenstoevoer inclusief Ja
    AC invoer voltage 100 - 240 V
    AC invoer frequentie 50/60 Hz
    DC voltage input 9 V
    Stroom 0.6 A
    Eisen aan de omgeving
    Temperatuur, in bedrijf 0 - 40 °C
    Temperatuur bij opslag -40 - 70 °C
    Relatieve luchtvochtigheid, in bedrijf 10 - 90 procent
    Luchtvochtigheid bij opslag 5 - 90 procent
    Warmtedissipatie 12,55 BTU/h
    Netwerkstandaard IEEE 802.1Q,IEEE 802.1ab,IEEE 802.1p,IEEE 802.3,IEEE 802.3u,IEEE 802.3x
    Port mirroring Ja
    Verbindingsaggregatie Ja
    Broadcast stormbeheer Ja
    Rate limiting Ja
    Auto MDI/MDI-X Ja
    Auto-negotiation Ja
    VLAN=ondersteuning Ja
    Aantal VLANs 32
    MAC-adrestabel 4000 entries
    Switchingcapaciteit 16 Gbit/s
    Throughput 11,9 Mpps
    Store-and-forward Ja
    Aantal wachtrijen 4
    Jumbo Frames ondersteuning Ja
    Jumbo frames 16000
    Packet buffergeheugen 1,5 MB
    Meegeleverde kabels AC
    Gebruiksaanwijzing Ja
    Type verpakking Doos
    IGMP snooping Ja
    Switch type Unmanaged
    Switch-laag L2
    Quality of Service (QoS) Ja
    Web-gebaseerd management Ja
    Kleur van het product Zwart
    Materiaal behuizing Metaal
    LED-indicatoren Ja
    Certificering FCC, CE, RoHS
    Aantal gefilterde multicast-groepen 128